MAX FRANKE has its origins in the Hamburg branch of the Berlin-based company ‘Schuster & Baer, Lampen und Beleuchtungsartikel’. Max Franke, who, from 1897 to 1919 was Managing Director of the entire company and manager of the Hamburg shop, turned the branch in the Hanseatic city into northern Germany’s leading sales agent dealing in high-quality products manufactured by companies in the glass and electronics industry. His successor, Adolf Schilling, marked the beginning of the Schilling era, which is still going strong today. Ulrich Schilling took over in 1950, and since 1989, Philipp Schilling has been Managing Partner.

The arrival of Philipp Schilling marked a fundamental change in the business model – moving from a retail firm to a company manufacturing its own lights. Max Franke is now Germany’s leading provider of professional light planning services and cutting-edge lighting concepts.