MAX FRANKE is your professional partner for planning and implementing challenging office lighting projects.

Our office team work hard to provide the best possible end product for you in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, sustainability and the successful integration of design and technology. Our consistent project management approach guarantees that we can realise your project on time at the most economical price and in line with your quality requirements. We also work hard to minimise the project’s impact on the environment. This approach has led to our team taking on a number of contracts for complex, and in some cases award-winning, lighting projects from renowned investors and architects.

Concept development

We start by sounding out what you want from the finished product, and then incorporate this into a concept. We use different types of media to effectively and clearly present the concept and ensure that we come to a clear understanding. We always provide a detailed rundown of the concept in the form of a project folder. MAX FRANKE also provides lighting calculations and an overview of the applicable standards in order to give you a well-rounded view of the technical and physical aspects of the project.

Implementation planning and product development

We then create an implementation plan for you using CAD software. We develop any non-standard lights that are required to meet the specific requirements of your project in our construction and product management department.

Implementation, support and service

We assist all of our customers in the subsequent implementation of the project. As one of our many services, we provide on-site support to make sure that the end result lives up to all of your expectations. Our young, flexible and creative team and our ability to not only manufacture customer-specific lights ourselves, but also to deliver them using our own transport vehicles and logistics team, guarantee that we provide you with the best possible solution at the best possible price.