Total customer care – this philosophy is at the heart of everything that MAX FRANKE does. Achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we use the best lighting for our customers and tailor our products and services to their requirements.

We provide a full range of lighting-related services:

Consulting and Development

In order to provide a tailored light solution that corresponds to a customer’s expectations, we work together with the customer to develop a light concept that meets their specific requirements. Our light concepts take a variety of factors into account, e.g. brightness, dramaturgy, recognition value, longevity, price per square metre, energy consumption and ease of installation. Every light concept includes customer-specific lights that we develop for each customer. Our in-house production facilities allow us to be flexible when alterations are required. This enables MAX FRANKE to tailor its products for its customers.

Light Planning

When the customer approves our lighting concept, we prepare a booklet with all of the technical specifications for the lighting and document the concept. These form the basis for the lighting plan for each branch, which we create using CAD software. We incorporate the particular features of each branch (e.g. the height of the ceiling and technical features of the building) into the planning process.

Production and Delivery

We manufacture the lights for each order on the basis of the lighting plan and deliver them on the specified delivery date or ‘just in time’ for the opening of the shop. And we make deliveries worldwide! This means that handling international customs procedures is just as much a part of our day-to-day business as sending out goods on time. Our warehouse, with an area of more than 2,000 sq m, facilitates the storage of a minimum level of stock, thereby ensuring our ability to continue making deliveries, even when things occasionally get a bit tighter. We check the quality of each light at our Hamburg production facilities to make sure that they meet our high standards of quality.


We don’t just stop providing services once our lights have been delivered. Our all-inclusive package also includes after-sales service. This includes positioning the lights to ensure the best possible lighting for products and providing employees with on-site instruction in how to use lighting for decorative purposes. We also monitor the lights to check when they need changing, which is then carried out by our service staff.